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At present, we have very strong technical partnerships with two of the largest Electrical cables and cables accessories manufacturers in the world.


We have been in relationship with Tyco(TE) for as long as interlinked was in existence. Originally called Raychem Nigeria which was owned by Raychem USA, and which was sold to Tyco who then divested from nigeria and sold the business to its indigenous staff. Hence, our relationship with Tyco is more than a technical relationship. We have access to the latest technologies from Tyco and also to the latest technologically advanced products in cables accessories. Through Tyco Electronics, we have access to all forms of high quality products, cables accessories from LV to HV.


As demand for energy increases, consumers, industry, and communities across the globe continually strive to reduce energy consumption and waste. Pentair makes products that help reduce energy costs as well as provides solutions for the energy industry to keep vital operations running efficiently, effectively and safely. We also provide reliable products that can withstand harsh environments which helps increase efficiency and decrease maintenance and downtime for our customers.

Pentair invents and manufactures solutions that address some of the world's toughest challenges, with over 75 percent of our products, services and technologies related to food, water or energy.