Cable jointing: cables need to be adjoined with one another so that electricity flows smoothly from the source to the end point.

Cable terminations play an important role by allowing physical connection of a cable end to the terminal of the equipment or another cable, thereby facilitating the flow of electricity in the desired manner.

Using the appropriate termination method is essential for maintaining the integrity of the cable and the selection criterion depends on the cable types, operating parameters, voltage applications and site conditions.

Of the variety of cable termination systems in use today, two of the most common are:

Heat Shrinkable Terminations: as the name suggests are shrinkable type tubing when exposed to applied heat(with an electric or gas heat gun) to shrink expanded plastic tubes to the size of substrate beneath, enabling quick and easy installation. Heat shrink termination kits can be used for XLPE cable in both outdoor and indoor applications, even for extreme hazardous atmospheric conditions. The cable terminations provide non-tracking stress control connections for medium to high voltage cables with water, UV, erosion and corrosion resistant performance.

Cold shrink terminations do not require heat. They can be used for medium-high cable installations which do not require naked flame or heat source to install especially in the presence of flammable gases in potentially explosive atmospheres. The technician must simply remove the supporting cord during the installation process that causes the tube to shrink so that it fits onto the desired place. The cold shrinkable cable terminal offers excellent insulation and high resilience.

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When purchasing termination and jointing kits there a few things to adhere to:

The cable termination kit design complies with international quality standards.

They have been rigorously tested for durability, reliability and safety.

The cable joints kit and termination can be easily and quickly installed.

The cable terminations ensure that the smooth functioning of cables underground or overhead and even in fluctuating weather conditions.