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Unveiling Reliability and Resilience through Armored cables

February 12, 2024by Eunisell Interlinked0

Armored cables stand as a cornerstone in ensuring secure electrical connections across diverse environments. At Eunisell Interlinked PLC, our commitment to quality extends to these robust cables designed to withstand challenges and ensure uninterrupted power transmission. 

What are Armored Cables? 

Armored cables are fortified electrical cables, featuring protective layers to shield against mechanical damage, moisture, and environmental factors. Their design includes: 

Conductors: Copper or aluminum cores that carry electrical current. 

Armor Layer: Steel or aluminum shielding providing durability and protection. 

Insulation: Surrounds conductors, preventing electrical leakage. 

Outer Sheath: Additional layer for insulation and further protection. 

Various type and their Applications: 

Steel Wire Armored (SWA): Known for its robustness, ideal for industrial settings, construction sites, and underground installations due to its ability to withstand extreme conditions. 

Steel Tape Armored (STA): Balancing flexibility with protection, suitable for commercial buildings and applications where maneuverability is essential. 

Aluminum Wire Armored (AWA): Offers durability without the weight of steel, preferred in specific installations requiring lighter cables. 

Installation and Maintenance Tips: 

Careful Handling: Ensure gentle handling during installation to prevent damage to the cable and its protective layers. 

Regular Inspections: Periodically check for wear, corrosion, or damage to maintain functionality and safety. 


Armored cables from Eunisell Interlinked PLC offer unparalleled reliability and safety in electrical connections.  

For tailored guidance or to explore our range of armored cables engineered for durability and reliability, you can reach out on info@interlinkedplc.com at Eunisell Interlinked PLC. 


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