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All there is to know about Armoured Cables


ARMOURED CABLE are cables with a protective outer layer that protects the inner core from damages and prolongs their life span.


The armour  shealth protects the cables from damage, isolates the layers, and increases performance and durability.


 In industrial settings, armored cables can be used when cables are placed in harsh environments or in underground installations. 


 As a precaution, armoured cable should not be bent beyond the manufacturer’s prescribed minimum radius because it may compromise its armor.


As we dive in, let’s discuss how armoured cables are classified. Armoured cables can be classified as follows: 

  1. Cable Core
  2. Cable Armour


 Cable Core

 Cable Core is the part of an armoured cable that conducts electricity. Cable core  is simply the inner part of the armoured cable that conducts electricity. It is also known as a conductor. 


 There are two main types of Cable Core:


1, single core cables: Cables with a single strand of conductor are referred to as single core cables. Copper or aluminum conductors can be used in single core cables.


2 multi core cables: multi core cables on the other hand have more than one strands conductor in the cable.


Cable Armour 

The different types of cable armor include::


  • Wire-Braid Armour
  • Steel Tape armoured cable
  • Steel Wire armoured cables,
  • Aluminum or aluminum alloy wire armoured cable.


  • Wire braided armour:  Also known as Basket-weave armour, it is used to offer light and flexible protection. The armour consists of a braided metal layer that is wrapped around a cable for protection.

                                                                                                       Image from www.iconnsystems.com 


  • Steel tape armoured cable (STA): Steel tape armored cable used for transmission lines below 35kv. The cable has two layers of steel tape winding within the inner sheath; it is buried underground, so the steel tape plays the role of protecting the cable from possible damage.

                                                                                                                  Image from www.vwcable.com 


  • Steel wire armoured cable (SWA) :is suitable for areas where the cable is to be dropped from a height. It can resist external mechanical forces and extensive tension. Steel wire armoured cables are available in a variety of core sizes and lengths.

                                                                                                                       Image fromswacable.net


  • Aluminum or Aluminum alloy wire armoured cable (AWA) : Aluminum Wire armour is used in single-core cable. AWA is used to prevent induced current in the armour. 


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