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5 Tips to Prolong Bearing Life

June 20, 2022by interlinkedplc0

From drawer slides to production lines there is one thing they have in common: they all rely on bearings for seamless movement. To ensure optimum performance of bearings, proper maintenance and inspection must be performed regularly. Proper maintenance of ball bearing increases the operating life of equipment which in turn reduces overall operating and replacement costs whilst improving reliability and productivity.

  For efficient operation of ball bearing, periodic maintenance and inspection must be performed. Here are some tips to help preserve your bearing life.


Handle with care: bearings are delicate precision components that require detailed attention. Bearings should be kept horizontal in a clean dry environment to prevent deformity due to weight. Bearings should be kept intact in their original packing except when ready for use to prevent any airborne contamination as the slightest contamination can affect the performance of the bearing.


Inspect the bearing housing and the shaft: It is paramount that where a bearing is to be housed and the shaft it is mounted is free of contamination and be in perfect physical condition.


Mount properly: Care should also be taken when mounting bearings. Bearings with cylindrical bores should be mounted with the press-fit method or shrink-fit method (involves heating the bearing for expansion ) Tapered bores are mounted 


Keep the Bearings Lubricated: Like any system with moving parts, Proper lubrication prolongs the life and improves the performance of the bearings. Lubricants can either be grease or oil, several factors are to be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate lubricant to use. Some of them include:

  • Rotational speed
  • Load
  • Environment
  • Temperature etc.

Therefore it is best to use the lubricant recommended by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)


Use specialized tools: Avoid general tools when mounting and dismounting bearings. Here are some of the tools used for handling  bearings

  • Jaw puller: Internal and external pulling of bearings and other components, with equal force.
  • Induction heater: it is used to heat the bearing to allow for expansion.
  • Hook Spanner: Tightening and loosing of bearing nuts.
  • Fitting Tools: Bearing mounting jobs.

            These tools are necessary to minimize the risk of damage when handling bearings.


  On a final note, it is imperative to always keep an eye on the bearings. any abnormalities like excessive noise, uneven vibrations, or increased temperature should be checked immediately. Vibration analysis can also be used to detect faults early.

 Prevention is better than replacement, it is best to use top-quality bearings. Eunisell Interlinked Plc is one of leading distributors of high quality bearings in Nigeria. Please  feel free to contact us  for your enquiries


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